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Advantages of solar charging pile: with the energy crisis and global warming and other issues attracting more and more attention, new energy vehicles have become the primary task of major automobile manufacturers. Pure electric vehicle has incomparable advantages in environmental protection and energy saving due to its advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and economy. It is an effective way to solve the huge energy and environmental pressure of human beings.
Nowadays, clean energy vehicles are more and more widely used in the people, such as electric vehicles, electric tricycles, electric bicycles, electric landscape vehicles, electric recreational vehicles, and even photovoltaic aircraft, photovoltaic spacecraft. Moreover, supporting installation policies for solar photovoltaic charging piles have been issued in succession. In some residential areas, factories, enterprises and institutions have made full use of the original location of vehicle storage, and directly made into photovoltaic vehicle shed, which can not only shade the sun, beautify the environment, but also generate photovoltaic power to charge electric equipment. There is a large space for free space utilization and a broad prospect.

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