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Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse project is a comprehensive system project which uses the roof of agricultural greenhouse to generate solar energy and develop efficient ecological agriculture in the greenhouse. The high-efficiency ecological photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse project does not occupy additional arable land to realize the original land value-added. The agricultural photovoltaic project combines ecological agriculture and green power generation to maximize the use of resources, while obtaining the economic benefits of high-efficiency agriculture and green power generation, to achieve the social benefits of energy conservation and emission reduction.
Photovoltaic agricultural technology greenhouse is a new mode of distributed photovoltaic application. Compared with the construction of centralized large-scale photovoltaic ground power station, photovoltaic agricultural science and technology greenhouse project has many advantages. First of all, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses use the roof of agricultural greenhouses, which does not occupy the ground and will not change the nature of land use, so they can save land resources; second, by erecting solar panels with different light transmittance on agricultural greenhouses, they can meet the lighting needs of different crops, and can plant various high value-added crops such as organic agricultural products, rare seedlings, etc., which can also be realized In the end, the use of roof power generation can not only meet the power demand of agricultural greenhouses, but also connect the remaining electricity to the grid for sale to increase revenue.

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