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Factors to be considered in the PV roof plan

Photovoltaic roof is to install solar power generation device on the top of the house, and use solar photovoltaic technology to generate electricity in the field of urban and rural buildings, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. In order to implement China's energy conservation and emission reduction targets promised to the world, and strengthen policies to support the new energy economic strategy, relevant ministries and commissions of the state launched the solar roof plan.
The photovoltaic roof plan focuses on breaking through and solving the problems such as the lack of integrated design capacity of photovoltaic buildings, the low degree of integration of photovoltaic products and buildings, the difficulty of photovoltaic grid connection and low market awareness.
The photovoltaic roof plan comprehensively considers economic and social benefits and other factors. At this stage, in large and medium-sized cities with developed economy and good industrial foundation, we will promote the integrated demonstration of photovoltaic buildings such as solar roofs and photovoltaic curtain walls; support the development of off grid power generation in rural and remote areas, implement power transmission to the countryside, and implement the national policy of benefiting the people.
Photovoltaic roof plans to mobilize social development through demonstration projects and promote the implementation of relevant national policies. Strengthen the publicity of demonstration projects, expand the influence, enhance the market awareness, and form a good social atmosphere for the development of solar photovoltaic products; promote the implementation of policies such as sharing the electricity price on the grid, form a joint force of policies, and enlarge the effect of policies; take the application of photoelectric buildings as an important part of building energy conservation, and promote the use in new buildings, existing building energy conservation transformation, and urban lighting.
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